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FS106 Looking for a presently operating farm or one that could be put into operation without much trouble. Would be interested in owning outright or forming a partnership with someone. Would prefer owner financing, but I am able to obtain credit. Dairy, Heifer raising.








Couple in search of a mid-size crop farm or tillable land. Buildings/House not as important as quality of land. Both grew up on farms but are currently professionally employed outside of agriculture. Looking for an outright purchase with possibly some guidance from present owner but will also consider lease/purchase or other options.











We wish to work and live on and have access to land for starting or continuing a diverse, intensively cropped vegetable farm with the vision of integrating fruits, herbs, animals, and marketing through CSA and Farmer’s Markets.  We seek an opportunity to commit to a place and make it our home; to build relationships with the land and people and to gain a sense of ownership over time.  We want to invest our time, skills and labor, as well as our visions and ideas into a farm that is profitable and nourishes a greater community.





We are looking for a farm to lease and /or buy within 3 hours of NYC as we already have established markets and customers there. Ideally 50-100acres that can be certified organic, horticulture, herbs, produce. Employment to eventual transfer with experience on the requirement of housing.


Determined, hardworking, 30 year old man seeks to fulfill life-long dream of farm ownership. B.S. in Dairy Science, Masters in Education. 8 years of dairy experience: DHIA, herdsman/manager, 7 years classroom experience. Cattle housed at 4 different farms, 45 minute commute to school. My goal is to have all my cattle together on my own farm. Open to creative situations and new ideas.




Match found!




I would like to find 1 or 2 or 3 farms that carry approximately 1,200 beef cows that I have. I am currently leasing ground in Virg and would like to bring my operation to NY.


I am looking for a dairy that is up and running to take over ownership in approximately 3 to 5 years. My goal is to keep a dairy for my kids to take over so that small dairies do not go out altogether. In 3 to 5 years hoping to become organic dairy farm.



I am looking for a dairy farm that I can milk cows and raise beef as well. I am looking at 60 head of dairy and about 60 head of beef calves to be raised yearly for 20 to 24 months. I would like to find a farm with enough land to handle this qunatity of cattle so I won't have to buy in hay or silage. I also will be raising 60 goats for meat purposes.




I would like to lease or buy with owner financing a 45-50 cow farm with a tie stall barn and youngstock facilities with land for rotational grazing and crops for winter months. Must have some type of housing on farm. Preferably in Mohawk Valley or Central NY region.



 Young couple seeking land to manage, lease or purchase for organic mixed vegetable farm.  Our goal is diversified crops with possible livestock production, for direct marketing and CSA.  We have 7 years of organic farming experience combined (CSA, farmers’ market, wholesale).  Our ideal farm size is 5 to 15 acres for crops with additional acreage for pasture, but we are open to smaller or larger parcels given the right situation.





I am interested in an employment/transfer for a dairy/mixed agriculture farm, where the owners would be interested in being involved and mentors for at least five years or more.





Seeking to purchase 10-20 acres of land 1-3 hours from New York City to develop a diversified organic farm in the future. I was raised on a family farm and would enjoy raising my own children in a similar environment. It is my desire to keep rural land in line with nature. Preferably situated in a quiet organic area, good quality of land to produce vegetables using organic techniques would be desired. Doesn't necessarily need a house. Availability of water for irrigation would be a plus. Catskills region would be preferable but not necessary.




Found a match.


 UPDATED 1-3-2012:  Existing 40 cow dairyman (previous experience with 165 cows) and looking for a buy in or buy out opportunity on an existing turnkey facility with good alfalfa/corn ground that possesses quality cattle genetics.  Must be an equity building position with housing.
I have 40 milkers and 35 young stock and a complete line of equipment.  I possess excellent experience in AI, monthly herd heath with various vets, DHIA, ration balancing, welding, HVAC certified for Freon, NRCS programs, CDL B, operating machinery and general mechanics.  Can do most farm repairs, have complete set of tools.  I am a NYSCHAP member that produced consecutive SUPER MILK awards.
Potential farm seller/partner must have figures on forage, farm value & cattle costs. I can put significant down payment on a good opportunity.  Contact me regarding your business/retirement plan.




Seeking 50 to 100 acres of tillable ground suitable for hay and grain operation. Land with or without house and buildings is acceptable. Prefer area where additional acreage may be rented. Interested in any location within one hour or less commute to Albany.


 FS302  Mature woman with adult daughter and two teenagers seeking small, diversified dairy farm in Delaware County, NY.  Grazing situation, not confinement set-up.  Willing to work with established farmer to gain experience and skills.  Would like to work toward acquiring own dairy herd and possible lease of farm.  Family has experience with sheep, beef, pigs, horses, poultry.  Two family members are employed part-time on local dairy farms.  Housing is needed.

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